Clinical Skin Clear Treatments

Skin irregularities treatments that Clinical Skin Clear can do :


Telangiectasia / Broken capillaries / Thread veins / Spider veins 

also known as spider vascular, thread veins, red veins, broken or diated capillaries and couperose.

vascular nose before vascular nose after

                    BEFORE                                                 AFTER

Spider Naevi

Blood spots / Cherry Angioma

Blood spots are concentrations of blood present on the surface of the skin,, overlaid with a translucent skin layer through which blood shows vividly. Usually they are bright in colour much like the centre of a naevus.

cherry angioma

Large Blood Spots / Cherry Angioma

large cherry angioma 

Fibroma Simplex - Flat and raised fibromas

All fibrous growths whether flat or raised are found on the skin's surface casued by a skin irregularity often associated with the keratinisation process. These fibrous imperfections often become more prevalent with age and many people find them unsightly. The colour and texture of many of the simple fibromas is different from normal skin. Often they have a shiny, glassy appearance with no colour, and appear as white raised patches that are felt as hard movable lumps under the surface of the skin. The skin may possible become hyperpigmented showing a dark brown or dusky wine colour.


Skin Tags

Skin Tags are like tiny flaps of skin, usually larger in a tear or diamond shape and are attached to the main surface of the skin by a narrow piece of skin tissue. Like all fibrous growths, they receive their blood supply and nourishment from the dermal layer via the epidermis. To remove these unwatned growths, their blood supply needs to be cut off, thus causing them to wither, atrophy and fall off. This is accomplished by accurately cauterising the part of the skin to which the skin tag is attached.

skin tag eye before  skin tag after

                  BEFORE                                                AFTER

 Acne Pimples (Inflamed)

acne pimple

Milia / Whiteheads

Milia are small keratinized epidermal cysts. Appearing more frequently among women, they are commonly found on the face, often appearing on the cheeks, eyelids and forehead. Milia may develop in adults at any age.


Cholesterol Deposits (Epidermal Cysts)

cholesterol deposits before  cholesterol deposit after

                BEFORE                                                   AFTER 


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