Loss of Firmness & Elasticity

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One of the key effects of ageing is that our faces lose volume. When we are young, our faces are rounder and fuller, without any wrinkles. As we get older the volume in our face decreases. As the structure supporting the skin becomes depleted, the skin begins to lose its firmness and fullness. In addition to volume loss, the skin itself also starts to directly lose its firmness as the collagen and hyaluronan (HA) levels diminish with age.

Other factors, such as stress, weightloss but also enviromental stress on elastic fibers and collagen, are causing our skin to loose its firmness.

The areas that lose volume include; the cheeks, the brow, the under eye area, the jowls and the lips. Products and treatments that can help restore fullness and firm the skin involve stimulation of collagen, elastin and cell renewal.


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Ultimate Perfecting Eye Cream Ultimate Perfecting Eye Cream
Rejuvenating eye cream with immediate effect.
HSR Extra-Firming Eye Cream HSR extra firming eye cream
Luxurious eye care cream with unique anti-wrinkle effect
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HSR lifting Extra-Firming Serum
Luxurious anti-wrinkle active ingredient concentrate

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HSR lifting Extra-Firming Foam Mask
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Luxurious, rich lifting cream with unique anti-wrinkle effect for dry skin

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SHAPING Hand Cream SHAPING Hand Cream
Fast-absorbing anti-aging hand cream that helps firm and shape the skin.
SHAPING Firming Vitamin ACE Body Cream SHAPING Firming Vitamin ACE Body Cream
An anti-aging body lotion with elsberry stem cells, which are exclusive to BABOR.
SHAPING Firming Body Peeling Cream SHAPING Firming Body Peeling Cream
Smooth peeling cream that exfoliates skin while at the same time helps it to become more firm.
SHAPING Firming Shower Foam SHAPING Firming Shower Foam
A fine-textured shower foam with a silk extract.

Is Volume Loss Letting Your Face Down? Watch the video below to know more: 


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