Essential Oil Savings

Would you like to purchase Essential Oils for your own consumption?

Then visit my RETAIL  Store above by clicking HERE to view vidoes and information on the products before you purchase.

A SECRET TIP before you buy:

To purchase at Wholesale price and save 

  • Why wouldn’t you take the opportunity of SAVING 25%-55% on your purchases? 
  • You can easily do so by opening up a Wholesale account instead of a retail one!!!
  • To create a Wholesale account you have to pay annual fee of $35.33, BUT

You will easily make that back purchasing Essential Oils at Wholesale Price

You can also save more & waiver the anual fee if you purchase any of the enrolmet kits below: CLICK HERE

  • Essential Collection Kit with Smart & Sassy
  • Aromatouch Professional Kit
  • Home Essentials Kit
  • Emotional Aromatherapy Kit
  • doTerra Touch Enrolment Kit
  • Nature's Solution Enrolment Kit
  • Oil Sharing Kit
  • And a Wholesale Account comes up with ‘ZERO’ monthly obligation! NOT even any monthly charge.
  • You can also get plenty of additional benefits from your Wholesale Account


 CLICK HERE and follow the steps below:

  1. Under 'Where will your products be shipped?' - Select "AUSTRALIA" (if you live in Australia), and click 'CONTINUE'
  2. Select 'Local (OTG) Order' if you want to order from the Australian doTERRA product range, and click 'CONTINUE'
  3. Select 'WHOLESALE PRICES' and press 'CONTINUE'
  4. Enter your Personal information, Shipping address and Contact information.
  5. The Enroller ID and Sponsor ID boxes should already be filled in, but if not, enter 4506876 
  6. Press 'Verify ID' in both boxes so I can be sure to support you
  7. Create your password
  8. Please 'tick' the 'I Agree to the Terms and Conditions', and click 'Continue'
  9. Now you are ready to Shop doTERRA products
  10. Select enrolment kits from the top of the page or enter your preferred product name or code, or search for the products from the 'Search Box'.
  11. For checkout, enter your credit card details and confirm the shipping address.
  12. After checkout, you will be prompted to set up your LRP order for next month, or you have until the 15th of the following to set it up. 
  13. Please check the following video on the benefits of the Monthly LRP (Loyalty Reward Program) order.


Know Essential Oils - Believe in Your Infinite Potential

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